Reducing Errors and Product Damage

The Window & Door DEALERS Forum 2013 featured numerous educational opportunities from which participants benefitted. In this and future e-newsletters, WDDA will seek to share our attendees’ learning derived from the Forums, breakout sessions and seminars.

In this edition, we focus on “Reducing Errors and Product Damage,” a Window & Door Dealers Forum breakout session as experienced by WDDA Advisory Committee Member Jim Snyder of WindowJim in Memphis, TN. The session attracted dealers, manufacturers and other service suppliers and produced an extensive list of potential problem areas and solutions to help manage the cost of errors and damage.

Process areas identified in which errors most frequently occur include:

  • Estimating process
  • Measurements
  • Design problems
  • Identifying proper product for the application
  • Evaluating existing condition
  • Ordering chain and ordering errors
  • Shipping, delivery and installation
  • Product damage

Our group then compiled a number of key solutions and takeaways to the challenges listed above.

The most important recommendation was for incorporating a system of start–to-finish accountability into the fulfillment process.

Who takes measurements and maintains accountability for accuracy? It is important to have a system for inspecting for integrity at various points in the delivery chain. Routine checks for accuracy and product quality can catch problems and minimize the cost of correction.

How are orders processed and communicated? Are you managing a manual or electronic system? A consistent use of terminology can help produce a more accurate process for ordering, delivery and installation. Regular dealer inspections of installed products was also identified as a critical step in reducing errors and ensuring quality.

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