I'm writing on behalf of the Window & Door Dealers Alliance and the window and door dealer industry to urge you to contact members of the U.S. House Ways & Means Committee about important legislation now working its way through Congress.
Representatives of the WDDA met today with members of Sens. Bingaman (D-NM) and Snowe's (R-ME) staff about their proposed tax-extender legislation, which could have a very positive affect on our industry and the people who work in it.  They assured us that we have strong support in the U.S. Senate for extending the 25C tax credits for the window and door industry, though the exact amount of the credit is still being negotiated.  
However, while the 25C provision is currently included in the Senate's version of the bill, the House legislation does not include it.  That's why the Ways & Means Committee members, who are integral in shaping the bill, need to hear from us immediately.
Please use this draft letter and be sure to add any quantifiable or anecdotal information about how the current 25c tax credits have helped your company (in terms of jobs created and/or saved, revenue growth, etc), your customers (enabling them to upgrade to energy-efficient windows and doors that they otherwise could not have afforded), and the country as a whole (by improving energy efficiency and reducing our dependence on foreign sources).
Contact information for all members of the House Ways & Means Committee can be found online:
Be sure to personalize your letters to your Representatives, remembering that form letters and those that appear to be mass-produced are often counted only once.  Feel free to send us copies of your letters: David Walker, Window & Door Dealers Alliance, 8200 Greensboro Dr, Suite 302, McLean, VA 22102.
Thanks for your attention to this urgent matter.  Please visit for more information.

David Walker
Vice President
Window & Door Dealers Alliance