MarketSharp - Software and Service

MarketSharp and the Window and Door Dealers Alliance (WDDA) have partnered to provide a contact and business process management software solution, offering WDDA members a 15% savings on monthly subscription fees and a waiver of the normal $500 set-up fee!

MarketSharp cost-effectively increases your business’ performance by lowering lead costs, increasing closing ratios, and improving overall office efficiency.

MarketSharp empowers you and your team with advanced functionality in lead generation and marketing; searching and filtering for instant data retrieval; lead, customer and job tracking; production and service management; and reporting and data analysis.

Bottom line: It is the 'All-In-One’ WEB-BASED Software, specifically developed for window and door dealers, guaranteed to get you more leads, track all your contact/job data, manage production and service and increase office efficiencies, plus report on your performance.

If you want to maximize the effectiveness of 'every interaction’ within your company – whether it's admin, marketing, sales, production or service... Look to MarketSharp!

For more information, contact:

WDDA Member Services
703/442-4890, ext. 127